Pantry Pests………Problems and Solutions:

Most pantry pests are brought into the home from an outside source. Eggs in a dried out, cryogenic state are milled into the products such as grain, meals, flour, and wheat. These eggs are microscopic and go unnoticed.  When these dry products are stored improperly for long periods of time, moisture works its way in and eggs can develop, causing a pantry pest problem. Once in your pantry, they will feed, reproduce, and spread.

  • Indian Meal Moths, Grain Beatles, Rice Weevils can become a problem.
  • If there is a rodent problem in the home, the mice will get into pantry foods, relocate, and store them under cabinets are inside wall areas. These pantry pests will spread because of this.
  • Best prevention practices are:
    • Try not to by dry food products in excessive bulk.
    • Store products in Tupperware type containers.
    • Inspect open products frequently for freshness or sign of activity.
    • Use zip-lock type baggies to eliminate solid containers.
    • Clean pantry and food storage areas frequently.
    • Pheromone glue traps can be used to identify a problem.
    • Throw out any product that you know you just will not be using anytime soon.

Treatment is very difficult for these pests; the process starts with the sanitation and storage methods described above. Prevention is key with these pests!