DEERPRO Winter Deer Repellent
The longest lasting winter deer spray available!

All County Pest Control will evaluate your landscape and discuss your specific needs based on the species of plants that are present and your knowledge of deer behavior in your yard. Our professionals from All County Pest Control offer deer spray services throughout Dutchess, Putnam, and Westchester counties including Beekman, East Fishkill, Poughquag, Stormville, Kent, Brewster, Lake Lincolndale, Somers, Briarcliff Manor, Hartsdale, Rye, Harrison and the surrounding areas.

One applications will protect woody ornamental plants such as rhododendrons, azaleas, hemlocks, arbovraeti, forsythia, burning bush, holy, Japaneese maple, euyonamus and pine all winter long.

There are several landscape plants that deer will readily feed on and at the same time there are plants that deer just won’t eat. There is no proven list of either. In some areas deer have been known to feed on deer resistant plant. All County will work with you and treat all necessary plants as discussed.

DeerPro is a commercial grade taste deterrent deer repellent. DeerPro goes on milky green and remains in place through rain, ice and snow. The milky green color will fade in early spring as new plant growth emerges. One application in the fall will still be lasting come early spring, there is no need to reapply in the snow and ice of winter, leaving you peace of mind that your landscape is fully protected.

DeerPro is applied using a low pressure back pack sprayer and is applied to the point of run off. Treatment requires about an hour to dry and then it will be fully adhered to your landscape and protection starts immediately. Although very rare, in the event that you find that deer have been feeding on any landscape plants, simply call us and we can follow up with a spot application.

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