Problems With Store Bought Mouse Traps

  • Snap traps, glue board, electronic devices, and live traps.
  • Most of these types of traps are only good for identifying an infestation, but not designed for complete control.
  • Rodents are extremely smart and avoid objects they are not comfortable with.
  • Rodents use whiskers as feelers and will detect glue on glue board and avoid.
  • Electronic devices do not actual reduce population, they will just redirect rodents into other areas of the home.
  • Snap traps are extremely messy, and rodent have a high sense of association and will steer clear of traps, once litter members have been killed.
  • Live traps are not realistic, relocating a rodent back to outdoors, will not reduce population and they will quickly return.

Proper inspection, locating major entry points and the use of poison baits in tamper resistant stations is the most effective approach to total elimination of rodent colonies. Rodents have a very small home range, and several colonies can exist in a home.

All County has extensive knowledge in rodent behavior and habits. We can provide a one-time rodent treatment, or an annual protection plan to keep your house protected all year round.