Flies – Lady Bugs – Stink Bugs – Boxelder Bugs

Besides being an agricultural pest, the Lady Bug, Stink Bug and Boxelder Bug are often a pest in homes. In late summer, the adult bugs gather on homes. The bugs are seeking sheltered places to spend the winter.

Flies can be attracted to homes for over wintering as well but also are attracted to decaying matter. If a rodent dies inside the home, flies will seek out the carcass and lay eggs and their larvae will feed. Once done feeding the larvae turn into adult flies and seek to get back outdoors.

These bugs move inside the home through cracks and other openings. They spend the winter hiding inside the walls or in the attic or crawl space. When spring comes, the stink bugs become active. As they begin to move around, some of them emerge into the living space.

Inside the home, these bugs often gather on walls and windows seeking a way out. Homeowners are usually upset to find these bugs inside the home.

Homeowners can discourage over wintering pests from entering the home by sealing as many entryways as possible. Cracks around doors and windows can be sealed with caulk. Vents in attics and crawl spaces can be protected with screen. Any torn or damaged window screens should also be repaired. Weather-stripping can help seal gaps under exterior doors.

An insecticide barrier can be applied on the foundation and around doors and windows. This can help prevent over wintering pests from gathering on the sides of the home.

All County Pest Control uses a synthetic Pyre thyroid called Talstar-P, a long lasting residual applied to the exterior perimeter of your home and surrounding landscape plants and shrubs. By treating all cracks and crevices and know entry points where these pests are a receive can greatly reduce the risk of them entering your home. Late summer to early fall is the best time to treat as these pests start to appear on the exterior of your home.

Once inside your home, these pests are difficult to control, small numbers indoors have to be tolerated and dealt with vacuuming or removing. If large numbers occur, treatments to attic areas by spraying and fogging could be attempted. The best prevention is applications on exterior in late summer/early fall.


All County Pest control uses many different control processes and techniques based on every individual situation. We use an IPM approach in dealing with every problem. This includes your help in the control process.

Our professional service technicians will initially interview you and gather information in regards to your current pest infestation. All pests need food, shelter and water to survive. When we arrive at your home, there may have been conducive conditions that no longer exist, but still may be contributing to the infestation.

In addition to making IPM Recommendations, treatment may include one or all of the following:

  • Interior liquid insecticide application to cracks & crevices or any area where pest activity exists may be performed.
  • Injection of dust insecticide in rare cases can be applied to cracks & crevices or wall voids in areas of activity and insect harborage areas.
  • Exterior perimeter treatments with liquid insecticide using truck mounted power spray equipment. Treatment is designed to reduce ant population on the exterior, reduce harborage and to control and prevent insects from entering of the structure. Scope of this treatment is to foundation, adjacent grounds, decks, porches, patios, base of large trees, gardens, mulch areas, window & door frames, roof lines and any other insect harborage and entry points.
  • Use of back pack or hand help spray equipment.
  • Fogging of attic areas.

Ask about our Home Protection Plan, this is the best protection we can provide to control ants in and around your home. Ants are a constant threat to your home environment and with on-going inspection, treatment and correction of conducive conditions, All County can provide a much better living environment for you and your family.

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