Less than an hour from New York City lies the village of Pleasantville, found in popular Westchester County. It is not surprising that many people choose to commute from Pleasantville into the city to work because it is just far enough away to retain a bit of a country vibe. However, major freeways run nearby, and there are plenty of commuter options.

While nature seems to hold the spotlight in Pleasantville, sometimes nature gets a bit too close for comfort. Pests love to make their homes near human homes and businesses where they are sure to find heat in the winter and plenty of food to eat. However, these pests bring major problems for humans who may contract diseases from some pests or who often sustain damage to their homes or lawns. There is no need to deal with pests on one’s own here in Pleasantville because All County Pest Control offers many great treatment plans for homes or businesses of all sizes.

Residential Pest Control

One’s home should be the most comfortable place in the world where individuals can relax and feel truly at peace. Pests definitely destroy this vibe by creating inhospitable lawns and backyards and by getting into food supplies in kitchens or building nests in basements. Our residential pest control provides effective treatments for emergency situations or provides plans that can keep pests away from homes and lawns throughout the entire year. We always use environmentally conscious options for removing or killing pests, and our treatments are safe to be used in areas where children and pets roam as well.

Commercial Pest Control

While Pleasantville is a smaller village, many businesses call this place home. Businesses are other prime spots that pests like to target because they can find great places to make nests. However, pests can make businesses uncomfortable for employees and guests, can ruin products and tools and can even shut down a business, such as a restaurant or hotel. Our pest control treatments are not only safe but also discreet so that you will not see lost business. We also boast NYS DEC certifications in several areas, including food processing.

Pests We Treat

We offer emergency pest control treatments and long-term treatment plans for a variety of insects, rodents and other animals, including the following:

When you need a pest control treatment that you can trust for quick and long-lasting relief at your home or business, turn to All County Pest Control for professional service. Contact us today to get a free service quote and to learn more about what we offer.

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