The gray squirrel is the most common squirrel inhabiting over 2/3 of the United States. In general, squirrels in New York come in a variety of colors from pure black to pure white and all shades in between. Squirrels in New York are typically 8″-10″ long and 12 to 24 ounces in weight. They are mainly active during the day. They do not hibernate but will typically spend long hours in their nest during the cold winter months. The tail of the squirrel plays a very important role in communication, locomotion and insulation. Squirrels are extremely vocal. They bark, chatter, scream, and purr. Sometimes people think they are hearing a noisy bird, without realizing that it’s actually a very noisy squirrel!

Flashing movements of their tails, stamping their feet and the way they walk are also modes of a squirrel’s communication. Their ideal habitat is a forest filled with oak, beech, and hickory trees which provide food and natural cover. They often build several nests in the trees within a certain area, using the each nest at various times. If a storm knocks down one nest, they still have another one to go to.

Some squirrels do not live in trees. Known as ground squirrels, these creatures make their nests in burrows in the ground.
These burrows can be part of a large underground network of squirrel nests. Unfortunately, people and animals can accidentally stumble into these and injure themselves, breaking an ankle or leg.

Squirrels are primarily vegetarians. Squirrels have a natural diet consists of a wide variety of nuts, fruits, berries, mushrooms and the occasional insect. Many suburban backyards offer a similar habitat with an added bonus of bird seed. Black oil sunflower seeds are a particular favorite of these furry little critters.

Squirrels cause a number of problems for people. The most common conflicts that occur with squirrels involves their desire to live inside of buildings. Like all members of the rodent family, squirrels are excellent chewers, and they will chew their way into your home or commercial building. Once inside, a squirrel in New York may even chew on wires or pipes! People often hear the squirrels running about in the attic or ceiling. They often bring in nesting debris, and can create a fire hazard, not only due to the debris, but also by chewing electrical wires. Squirrels will also chew on the woodwork of a home. Everyone knows about how squirrels steal food from bird feeders, but that problem can be solved by buying squirrel-proof feeders. Squirrels have two litters per year, and reproduce quickly, like all rodents. This means that at times the squirrel population can grow to high numbers, and extra pressure is placed on buildings. Squirrels will move into attics or chimneys, or even places like drier vents. Most trained wildlife control professionals have excellent experience in solving squirrel problems, so if you need squirrel control, click the links on this page to find a wildlife removal company in your neck of the woods, and get rid of those squirrels once and for all.

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