Ticks rank among the world’s most dangerous parasites. These blood-sucking arachnids have the potential to cause serious illness. Both humans and animals are at risk of being bitten. This is why you need to take the necessary steps to keep these pests off your property. Here are a few important facts you need to know about tick control.

How Do I Get Ticks?

Ticks don’t fair too well in direct sunlight. High heat causes their bodies to dry out, thus making them more likely to perish. These insects prefer to take cover in the shade, especially wooded areas. Ticks also love to hide out in tall grass and dense brush. This is why tick control experts stress the importance of maintaining your landscaping. Regularly mowing the lawn can make a big difference. Because rodents tend to carry ticks, it’s just as important to keep them away. Keep in mind that ticks can get inside your home. Not only do ticks hitchhike a ride on pets, but they can also cling to your clothing.

Health Risks of a Tick Bite

Tick bites are typically painless. However, these pests are still extremely dangerous. They have the potential to spread illness. The Lyme disease virus is especially common in this area. Symptoms of the disease include fever, fatigue, headache, and a skin rash. If you fail to seek treatment in a timely manner, even more serious issues can result. Your nervous system, joints, and heart can all be impacted. The good news is that it usually takes several hours for a tick to infect you. As soon as you discover a tick attached to your body, remove it immediately using a pair of tweezers. People who have already started to feel sick will need antibiotics.

Our Tick Control Treatment

To get rid of ticks, you should contact a licensed tick exterminator. We provide effective treatments. By using a liquid application of Talstar P, our team can help prevent ticks from coming onto your property. After the perimeter of your yard has been sprayed, your family and pets will have an extra degree of protection.

If you have noticed a tick on your pet or family member, get in touch with All County Pest Control. Tick bites cause diseases that can harm your loved ones and should not be taken lightly. Speak with a professional to get a free quote today!

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