It’s no secret that Amawalk, New York is on the higher end of the cost of living spectrum being fairly pricy or expensive. No one who buys a home or opens a business here takes the investment lightly, and pest control is an important part of protecting it. As great of a place as Amawalk is, residents who live here still suffer from pest infestations. That’s why you need to know a local Amawalk pest control company – to protect your home or business.

We saw the need that Amawalk residents had for pest control services so we created a treatment tailored to the pests found all across New York. Check out our pest control services to find out if we are a good fit to treat your home for pest infestations.

Residential Pest Control in Amawalk

For peace of mind, there’s nothing quite like owning a home. It’s a safe, protective place. It accommodates your lifestyle. It provides the ideal environment for raising a family. Pests are attracted to your house for all the same reasons, and an endless food supply seals the deal. By the time you spot a roach or a mouse, you might already have a big problem. Roaches can produce hundreds of offspring per year.

They not only spread more than 30 kinds of bacteria, but they can trigger allergies and asthma in children. One mouse might represent several generations in hiding. Household pests are a nuisance, but that’s the least of your worries. Many pests, like ticks, mosquitoes and rodents, carry diseases. If you’ve never dealt with destructive insects like termites or carpenter ants, consider yourself lucky. If you have then you know why you need to a hire a reliable Amawalk pest control company because DIY pest control just doesn’t cut it.

Take preventative measures against pests now by getting a pest inspection for your property.

Pests We Services

Commercial Pest Control for Amawalk Businesses

You don’t have to run a restaurant or bed and breakfast to need routine commercial pest control. In any business, one customer review about flies or bugs can destroy months of hard work. Wood-destroying insects, such as carpenter bees, can collapse entire structures; an infestation could jeopardize your business loan.

At the very least, critters make a mess. Signs of infestation include damaged wood, stained walls and ceilings, droppings, and a musty smell. Even if clients don’t suspect an invasion, they’ll notice the neglect. Springing for Amawalk pest control is a good business decision. Our comprehensive inspections expose leaks, poor drainage, wood damage, exterior gaps and other issues that invite pests. We have up-to-date, specialized certifications across a range of industries, and we can customize a treatment program for your unique business.

Specialty Services

Since 1963, long before eco-friendliness was a thing, the founders of All County Pest Control were making good decisions about products and methods. Our commitment to a healthier environment is just as strong today, and every product we use has undergone rigorous testing by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Our Specialty Services

Hire an Amawalk Pest Control Company

If you are suffering from a pest infestation in your home, All County Pest Control is here to help! Our Amawalk pest control treatment will help ensure that your home is pest free. We identify the pest infestation at the source and exterminate it from the inside out while taking preventative measure to guarantee they don’t return.

To get a free quote on our Amawalk pest control services, contact us online or give us a call today!