Wappingers Falls may be small, but it has plenty to offer especially to those who love the outdoors and the beauty of southern New York. Located just north of New York City, Wappingers Falls is just close enough to the hustle of the big city to offer residents something exciting to do on the weekends but is far enough away to offer a welcome relief from city noises and problems.

However, one problem that may continue to plague residents here is pests both indoors and out. The colder climate may keep pests at bay in the outdoors in the winter. However, these pests may then try to move to warmer, damper indoor locations during this time and may proliferate during the warmer, more humid summer months. Instead of dealing with these issues on one’s own, business owners and homeowners can turn to All County Pest Control for complete solutions.

Residential Pest Control

Our pest control services begin with a complete evaluation so that we can determine the source of the problem to then develop the best treatment plan. Our representative will look at the lawn, garden and home to find out what is attracting pests and what environmental changes may be necessary. Whether homeowners are dealing with ticks in their backyard brush or major mosquito problems that are stopping them from enjoying their yards during the summer, we can help to create an outdoor oasis. We can also identify indoor problems, such as moist basements or foundational cracks, that are letting tiny pests indoors.

Commercial Pest Control

Of course, pests do not just plague homes in Wappingers Falls. Businesses of all types can also be hurt by pests that bother employees, ruin products and drive away new business and returning customers. We treat office buildings, stores, restaurants, condominiums and much more. Our NYS DEC certifications in Food Processing, Public Health and other important categories makes us the smart and safe option for area businesses.

Pest Services We Offer

All County Pest Control offers a variety of safe and environmentally conscious solutions to the following common pests in Wappingers Falls.

At All County Pest Control, we do more than just solve our customers’ immediate problems. Instead, we also use long-term solutions to ensure that pests do not come back to wreak havoc in homes, lawns, office buildings or other businesses. Whether you need a one-time service or are looking for a company to provide you with continuous pest control care, All County can help you in the Wappingers Falls, NY, area. Contact us today to schedule your free service quote.

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