Located in gorgeous and popular Westchester County, Somers, New York, is a popular town for people who want to escape the busyness of New York City less than two hours away. With historical homes and businesses, Somers is a great city during both the winter and summer. It offers beautiful natural getaways for adventure lovers and popular festivals throughout the year.

What is certainly less celebrated is the pests that also call Somers their home. Insects and rodents may be appropriate off the beaten trail, but they are never welcome in people’s homes or businesses. Backyards may be full of mosquitoes or ticks that keep people from enjoying themselves outdoors. Even otherwise clean eating establishments can be hosts for rodents of all sizes. When homes and businesses need effective pest control services in Somers, All County Pest Control can come to the rescue.

Residential Pest Control

Residential services are designed to get rid of outdoor pests that ruin lawns and cause dangerous or irritating bites while also treating any pests that have made their way indoors. Before treating areas, we begin with a complete evaluation of the home and yard to ensure that we have accurately pinpointed the problems and are providing the correct solutions.

Not only will we show homeowners how they can keep pests from entering their homes in the future, but also we will use environmentally safe treatments that are also safe for children and pets. Our goal is to create fast relief from irritating pests and to improve the health of families in the area.

Commercial Pest Control

We also provide full evaluations and pest control treatments to area businesses. Whether we are called to a restaurant with a mouse problem or an older office building struggling with termites, we provide quick, effective service. We are also proud of our NYS DEC certifications in several areas, including food processing.

Pest Services We Offer

At All County Pest Control, we are proud to offer safe and effective treatments for the following pests, which frequently cause issues in Somers.

Our services at All County Pest Control are always thorough and environmentally safe. We ensure that we keep homeowners, employees, children and pets safe throughout every treatment. Whether you are looking for a long-term solution for your home or business or need a quick way to get rid of an influx of pests, we can help you with a variety of individualized services. Call us today to find out what we can offer and to schedule your free service quote for specialty pest control in Somers, New York.

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