Located on the eastern side of Westchester County, Pound Ridge is a small town with a population of around 5,000 residents. The area experiences cold winters and warm, sunny summers, and it’s a great place for anyone who enjoys changing seasons.

If you live or work here and want to avoid trouble, keep your eye out for common pests and the problems they make. All County Pest Control will have your back when pest strike, giving you peace of mind. Contacting their team of pest control experts at the first sign of trouble is vital. Doing so safeguards your property and reduces the odds of another infestation.

Residential Pest Control

Pests that make their way into your home cause a variety of issues you won’t want to face. Stopping them from gaining access to your home is the best option, but getting rid of them as soon as possible is the next best thing. Rodents make holes in your walls, ruin your food and spread harmful diseases.

Termites that sneak past your defenses damage your support beams and other parts of your home. No matter the pests you are battling, our team can make them a problem of the past. Meeting your needs is our No. 1 goal, and you will know contacting us was the right move when you see us in action. We use the latest methods and tools to find and contain pests of all shapes and sizes.

Commercial Pest Control

If you run a business and find pests on your property, you don’t have much time. You face many of the problems that homeowners face, but you also have much more at risk. Customers that see pests on or near your property are less likely to return in the future, and that is not even the worst of it.

Almost everyone has a smartphone that connects to the internet, and your customers can take pictures of the pests and post them online in minutes. If your local health department finds out about your pest issue, they can shut you down or issue fines. All County Pest Control won’t let that happen to you.

Getting Started

We are pleased to offer many great services to meet your needs from start to finish:

Let us know what you need, and our team will make it happen in front of your eyes. Because we understand the stress of dealing with pest problems, we pay attention to each detail and promise to give you our best effort. Your pests won’t stand a chance when All County Pest Control is on the job. If you are ready to secure your home or business from invaders, contact us for your free quote.

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