The small hamlet of Mahopac, New York, is equally known for its charming country atmosphere and gorgeous natural lake as it is for being so close to New York City. Although it is less than 50 miles north of the city, it offers city dwellers a welcome relief from the noise and congestion that are often a part of a major metropolis. Those who dwell in Mahopac itself get to enjoy the tranquility and the pleasant small-town atmosphere year-round.

Pests also like to live in Mahopac through all four seasons of the year, causing a myriad of issues for home and business owners alike. Rodents may dig holes in yards while deer can kills trees and shrubs. Mosquitoes and ticks spread disease and itchy skin blemishes to those trying to enjoy nature, and ants and bedbugs can make home environments irritating and itchy as well. All County Pest Control provides a variety of solutions to keep home living and business days comfortable and safe by ridding these areas of dangerous and problematic pests.

Residential Pest Control

Pest control often starts at home where individuals seek spots to relax and call their own. However, indoor and outdoor pests can make the home environment stressful and can ruin buildings, lawns, shrubbery and more while spreading disease at the same time. Our services seek to control these issues quickly by getting to the source of the infestation and by immediately deploying environmentally safe solutions to kill or remove these unwanted critters or insects. We provide both one-time solutions for small problems as well as long-term treatment plans to homeowners who want to ensure that they never have another pest problem on their hands.

Commercial Pest Control

Business owners also have their own problems with local pests. Termites can bother older businesses in historic buildings. Rodents may be attracted to dumpsters or other areas where food is produced. Even office buildings see their fill of issues with ants and stink bugs that are searching for climate-controlled areas. With our services, businesses will not need to worry about shutting down or losing customers but can instead see pest-free yards and comfortable buildings.

Pests We Treat

Our environmentally safe treatments are effective on a wide range of pests, including the following:

At All County Pest Control, we focus on providing our customers with thorough evaluations and individualized treatment plans that address their unique pest problems. Whether you are dealing with stinging insects outside or are tired of seeing that line of ants trailing through your kitchen cupboards, we recommend that you contact us for a free service quote, to discover how we can help you.

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