Pests just don’t know when to stop. They invade residential and commercial buildings, and they bring all sorts of problems with them wherever they go. That’s why property owners in Chappaqua, NY, look to All County Pest Control. We’ve proven that we can win any fight against pesky critters, especially rats, squirrels and termites.


In Chappaqua, Norway rats are the main culprits that plague homes and businesses. They mostly come out in alleyways at night, but even during the day, they will forage near trash cans and behind buildings. Furthermore, they can grow to be 20 inches long, so they are easy to recognize. If any rats invade your home or office, you should take swift action because these critters have the necessary tools to do more than just deface furniture. They can easily cause an extensive degree of damage. Rats tend to gnaw on electrical wires and tear down insulation. However, the biggest threat is the number of diseases that they are carrying.

Rat Control

Here at All County Pest Control, we aren’t taken aback by what rats can do. We deal with these critters head-on. Our strategies are effective because we strategically utilize our specialized skills and advanced equipment. We start off the exterminating process with a thorough inspection. Once we determine their primary location, we can either use traps or poisonous baits to eliminate them once and for all.


When squirrels are running through your yard and climbing from tree to tree, everything is fine. Problems only occur when these critters decide to expand their territory. Instead of nesting inside a tree or in the ground, they will exploit a hole in your property’s roof to live in the attic. Don’t be fooled by their pretty fur, which can be red, white, gray or black. Squirrels are a real menace. When inside your home, they can disrupt your life in more ways than one. Like most rodents, squirrels use their teeth and sharp claws to dig into electrical wires. They also tear down insulation to build their nest. If they die in the attic or in a hard-to-reach area, your family’s health will be affected.

Squirrel Control

Now that you’ve turned to All County Pest Control, you can stop worrying about squirrels and the problems that come with them. We know all the ins and outs of dealing with these critters. Unlike over-the-counter products and do-it-yourself methods, we can effectively nip your problem in the bud by using our results-oriented strategies. Don’t worry about us being inhumane and careless in our approach. As conscientious professionals, we take the time to eliminate infestations with care.


It’s true that termites have an important role in their ecosystem. They break down rotted wood and dead plants and even help to aerate the soil. However, when termites infest homes and offices, they have an adverse impact. These tiny critters can either be brown, white or black. If you don’t kill the queen and the king, the colony will continue to grow, and more damage will be inflicted on your home. Termites work together in a structured manner to support the colony.

Termite Control

For your convenience and peace of mind, we’ll gladly step in and help you reclaim your indoor environment. Termites are destructive pests that put their colony first, so they will burrow deeper into any structure to meet their colony’s requirements. Thankfully, we have effective solutions that will put an end to termites. Call All County Pest Control to get a free estimate on our services.

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