Beekman, NY, is about an hour’s drive from New York City, putting it at a good enough distance for those who want to live in more quiet and peaceful surroundings. Being located in the beautiful Hudson Valley, the town shares that region’s warm weather. Though temperatures tend to be moderate, it can get rather humid. You can see, then, how this area can become a magnet for invasive, destructive pests.

All County Pest Control is ready to inspect your home or business for any of these pests and provide the right treatments. If left alone, pests can damage your property, bite or sting you, and even transmit disease.

Residential Pest Control

We’re proud to introduce our Home Protection Plan. If you sign up for this plan, our pest control technicians will make four seasonal visits a year and set up everything needed to keep pests away. The approach we take to this work is called integrated pest management, and it seeks to remove pests without doing harm to the overall environment. You could opt, though, for a customized one-time treatment if this makes more sense for your situation. Specialized services for homeowners include mosquito, tick, and stink bug control.

Commercial Pest Control

Using the same IPM approach, we can take care of any infestation on your business property. From gel baits to traps, our team can make use of a number of pest elimination methods. We can also keep them away by spraying Talstar® P insecticides around the perimeter of your building via truck-mounted power spray.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has certified us for pesticide use in food processing facilities and public health facilities, among other structures. We can also treat restaurants, retail stores, office buildings, and industrial complexes.

Special Services

When you think pests, you probably think of rodents or roaches or ants. Wildlife, such as raccoons and skunks, can be a nuisance, too, and getting rid of them falls under our special services. In most cases, we can trap wildlife and humanely remove them from the property. If you’ve found that deer are not shy about approaching your property, let us lay down some of the EPA-approved DeerPro™ repellent.

In all, you can rely on us to eliminate:

Bees and wasps
Overwintering pests
Moths and beetles
Mice and rats
Foundation and moisture pests

Family-Owned and -Operated Company

As a family business, All County Pest Control knows what it takes to keep customers satisfied. We’ve been providing personalized care in and around Beekman since 1963.

Contact us today, and we’ll set you up for a convenient appointment. During that appointment, one of our technicians can give a free estimate for whatever treatment is necessary.

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