North Salem, New York, ranks as one of the best places to live in New York state because of its rural feel. However, pests also enjoy the amenities of the rural landscape. If your home or business has rodents, insects or other pests, All County Pest Control can help.

Residential Pest Control

Residents living in North Salem enjoy the fresh air and pleasant landscape. As idyllic as the setting is, you probably do not want to share your food, household or garden with unwanted critters. A professional pest control service can rid your premises of pests and and keep them from returning. At the same time, professionals can recommend ways to encourage beneficial insects and wildlife that contribute to a healthy environment.

All County Pest Control implements the principles of integrated pest management, a program that identifies the types of pests present, identifies places that give pests access into buildings, eliminates sources of food and water and emphasizes the use of non-toxic, environmentally friendly pest eradication products. When needed, we use chemical applications approved by New York state that eliminate pests.

We offer several tiers of pest control, from customized one-time service to our Home Protection Plan that provides 12 months of continuous service. The Home Protection Plan includes scheduled visits every three months to treat seasonal pests as well as interim service on an as-needed basis.

Commercial Pest Control

Keeping your place of business pest-free contributes to a healthy, clean environment for staff and customers. It also protects equipment and goods from infestations. We serve a wide range of businesses, including restaurants, factories, condominiums, apartment buildings, retail stores and offices.

We come to your establishment and evaluate your premises to identify the pests present. We create a pest management strategy suited to your unique needs and educate you about methods to control access and deter infestations. We treat both the interior and exterior of your premises.

Specialty Exterminating Services

Our technicians hold certifications and licenses in several categories of pest control, including live animal removal, aquatic pests, structural pest control, ornamental landscape pest control, public health and food processing.

We offer these pest control services:

All County Pest Control has served North Salem and nearby communities since 1963. We know the types of pests that thrive in the local environment and have years of experience in trapping, removing and exterminating them from your premises.

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