Just over an hour north of New York City is La Grange, a small residential town. La Grange is a quiet community that offers a rural atmosphere but is conveniently close to many larger cities. Like the rest of the Northeast, La Grange has cold, snowy winters and warm summers. As the weather warms up each year, many homeowners notice an increase in pests around their home.

Infestations can get out of control quickly, so it’s important to contact a professional if you see signs of pests in your home or business. All County Pest Control offers a variety of services to homeowners and business owners in the La Grange area.

Residential Pest Control

Having pests in your home can be uncomfortable, stressful, and harmful to your health. All County Pest Control offers several residential plans to keep your home free of infestations.

Our home protection plan provides four scheduled visits to your home each year and extra appointments as needed. Different pests can emerge at different times of the year, so the home protection plan targets pests for all four seasons. We also offer one-time pest evaluation and treatment services if you have a specific pest problem.

Commercial Pest Control

We know that different types of businesses may have different pest problems, and we’re experienced with treating restaurants, retail stores, corporate offices, industrial complexes, and a variety of other locations. We use an Integrated Pest Management system that stops infestations before they get out of hand.

After a comprehensive evaluation, our pest control experts will write a conducive condition report and inform you of the best ways to keep your business pest-free. We will eliminate any pests that currently live in your commercial space with baits, traps, sprays, and other treatments.

Specialty Services

In addition to removing bugs and rodents from inside your home, we offer a number of special services. For example, we can help with an out-of-control raccoon or skunk population around your home. Our experts use safe, humane methods of wildlife removal. We can also spray deer repellent around your yard to prevent deer from getting too close to your property.

All County Pest Control can help homeowners and business owners with the following pest problems:

Infestations can be frustrating and even dangerous for you and your household. Fortunately, there are solutions available. You don’t have to feel uncomfortable in your own home because of a pest problem. If you need to get rid of an infestation and prevent problems in the future, call All County Pest Control for a free service quote.