Home to nearly 1,500 residents, Millwood is a quaint settlement tucked away in New Castle, New York. Though the area is small, it packs a big punch. From its lush landscapes to its rural appeal, Millwood is known for its abundant nature and picturesque scenery. Without pest control, Millwood would lose these charming features. In addition to destroying natural elements, pests can also pose risks to homes and businesses. From safety threats to health complications, these creepy crawlers can cause numerous issues. Fortunately, we at All County Pest Control work to eliminate and prevent the spread of pest infestations.

Residential Pest Control

Pests are sneaky and can move into your home without leaving a trace. When they do, they can become a serious bother. At All County Pest Control, we provide a wealth of residential pest control solutions to ensure that you and your loved ones remain safe and comfortable while at home. From lawn treatments to customizable services, we strive to keep your abode a safe haven.

Commercial Pest Control

Businesses are also a hot spot for pests. When these creatures rear their ugly heads, they can damage wires and destroy the structural integrity of a building. What’s more, they can make employees and staff members feel unsafe. For the sake of maintaining your operations and a clean environment, commercial pest control is a must. We serve everyone from restaurants to retail stores.

Specialty Services

We understand that pests come in all shapes and sizes. It’s for this reason why we provide more in-depth pest control solutions. If you’re struggling with any kind of rodent or wildlife infestation, we’re at the ready. With our innovative solutions, we can eradicate the issue with ease.

Other Services

As an established pest control company, our expertise is vast. Below, you’ll find a list of some other pests we treat.

We’re Here To Help

Bid farewell to your pests when you enlist the help of our professionals. With our assistance, we can get your home or business in tip-top shape.