These large stinging pests may be noted by many extremely large wasps hovering over the lawn and making large holes in ground the size of a quarter and dirt mound. Their activity and large numbers can be very intimidating to home owners. Most of the time people abandon use of these areas. Left untreated these pests will continue to populate.

  1. Cicada killer wasps may be up to 2 inches long. They are black with yellow/orange markings on the thorax and abdomen and they have rusty colored wings. The great golden digger wasp is slightly smaller. The abdomen is reddish-orange except at the tip which is black. A third species is 1 inch long and completely black with iridescent blue wings.
  2. Female cicada killer wasps capture annual cicadas in July and August and place them in cells located at the ends of tunnels they have dug in the ground. Each tunnel is about the size of a quarter and extends 24 inches or more into the ground. One or two paralyzed cicadas are placed in each cell, and a single egg deposited before the cell is closed by the female, who flies away, never to return. The wasp grubs feed on the cicadas and develop into wasps that emerge the following summer.

These stinging pests are difficult to treat due to their life cycle and spending most of the time flying and the fact that nesting sites are deep underground.

All County can help with localized spot treatments to nesting sites to reduce the population and leave a residue for returning wasps. Some cases require a follow up application to gain complete control. These wasps are seasonal pests and may return year after year. Continued treatments can break the cycle and allow you to be able to use your yard and walkway areas once again.

Ask about our Home Protection Plan, this is the best protection we can provide to control pests in and around your home. Pests are a constant threat to your home environment and with on-going inspection, treatment and correction of conducive conditions, All County can provide a much better living environment for you and your family.

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