Is your property becoming a pest haven? While you may be looking forward to sharing your home with family and friends, welcoming unpleasant pests might never be on the agenda. Unfortunately, whether we like it or not, pests are always on the lookout for safe and comfortable places to live in. For homeowners in the New York area, it might be immensely helpful to get acquainted with some of the most common household pests, such as roaches, stinkbugs and mosquitoes.

Living With Pests Can Be More Than Unpleasant

Roaches, one of the most dreaded pests, can be challenging to deal with. With remarkably flexible bodies, these insects can creep and crawl through the tiniest of holes and cracks. They can live comfortably in dark and hard-to-reach spaces and breed rapidly in a matter of weeks. Roaches harbor harmful pathogens and can trigger serious allergies in many people. If you happen to see one of these evasive pests, chances are that there are so many more lurking around.

The sight of a stink bug can be frightful owing to their unusual appearance with a distinct shield-like body. When startled, the insects are capable of expelling a musty scent as a defense mechanism. They are primarily drawn towards fresh supplies of fruits and vegetables. Stink bug infestations can spread rapidly with the pests destroying yards, vegetable gardens and even making their way into homes.

Mosquitoes are more than an annoying nuisance. The blood-sucking pests are not only capable of invading your perfect outdoor picnics, their obnoxious bites can leave painful welts all over the body. Moreover, mosquitoes can carry harmful microbes, such as the West Nile virus, and transmit many diseases including malaria, yellow fever and dengue fever.

Put An End To Pest Infestation With Expert Help

Using chemical pesticides and home remedies might not be safe or effective. A professional pest control specialist will be able to make an accurate diagnosis and devise the most appropriate course of treatment. The result is a pest-free home and garden, one that enforces stringent preventive measures to keep pests away at all times. All County Pest Control is a leading New York residential and commercial pest management company that takes pride in providing exceptional services to its customers. Contact All County Pest Control today, and receive a free quote.

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