From termites and ants to mice and other rodents, it’s open season on your house. No matter if you keep your home neat, clean and tidy, it offers a haven for outdoor pests in search of food and shelter. From summer to winter, pests find ways to get inside your home, infest your living areas and contaminate food items. When these outdoor pests threaten your family and home, turn to All County Pest Control.

Rodents, Termites and Ants

Rodents, such as rats and mice, get into your home through the smallest cracks. Once inside, they build nests in the attic, the basement and behind the walls. They breed quickly and leave behind feces wherever they go. Other outdoor rodents, such as groundhogs and gophers, can rip apart a home garden and cause extensive property damage.

At first glance, termites look a lot like ants, but these small creatures cause massive structural damage. They attack below and above the ground, eating away at your home’s wood structure and outdoor furniture. If these pests find a way inside, they feast on books, tables and other indoor furniture.

Once ants find a viable food and water source in your home, they send signals back to the colony. In no time, hundreds of ants swarm into your home, creating a line directly to your countertops and kitchen floors. Before you know it, you have a full ant infestation that takes professional pest control to eradicate.

Effective Pest Control in Ossining

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