Although you take many steps to protect yourself from pests and the damage they cause, you won’t always get the results you had in mind when you got started. Mosquitoes, bedbugs, moles and other invaders will come to your yard and get into your home unless you know how to stop them.

Putting in the effort to learn about these invaders and what attracts them will put you on the right path. Knowing when you should contact a pest control expert is another vital piece of the puzzle if you want to get the most from your effort. As long as you have a few tips on hand and follow a proven strategy, you will keep the invaders at bay without too much trouble.


Anyone who enjoys spending time outside during the evening or night hours knows the slight sting of a mosquito bite. One or two mosquitoes are never a real problem, but facing a large swarm is not a fun experience. They will cover your skin with small itchy bumps if you don’t do what it takes to keep them at bay.

In addition to annoying you and your family, mosquitoes can even carry and transmit harmful pathogens you want to avoid. Tall weeds and stagnant bodies of water will attract these insects onto your property before you know it, and you will wish you had done something to prevent the problem. Even though you can try a few things to reduce the mosquito population in your area, getting rid of the flying invaders won’t be easy without help.

Bed bugs

Of all the pests that could invade your home and make trouble, bed bugs are some of the worst, and you never want to spot these insects anywhere near your home. Going to an infested building is all that it takes to bring the pests back home when you return. Detecting the red flags in the early stages won’t be a simple task if you don’t have the training or tools to do it. Once they have gotten into your home to have easy access to a fresh host, they will establish a nest in or near your bed, coming out in the evening to bite.


If you value your yard or have a garden that you want to protect from harm, it’s important you learn to detect the signs of a mole infestation. These pests eat worms, grubs and small insects that live in the soil, but they will destroy your lawn and damage your garden in the process. Not taking action when the problem begins will give it time to progress, allowing the moles to cause much more damage to your property. Look for volcano-shaped mounds in your yard or by your garden if you suspect moles are getting too close for comfort.

All County Pest Control

The pests that have overstayed their welcome won’t leave on their own, and at-home solutions won’t always do the trick the first time. Turning to a team of kind, compassionate experts is the answer for which you have been looking, and it will provide you with outstanding results.

The staff at All County Pest Control is dedicated to meeting your needs and providing you with the outcome you had in mind from the beginning. Pick up your phone and give us a call as soon as you are ready to eliminate the pests and reclaim your property, and you will be glad you did when you see what we can do.

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