Your home is a warm, inviting environment where you enjoy spending time. Unfortunately, there are many bugs that would love to spend time in that environment as well. Some of them can go unnoticed for many years while causing substantial damage to your home. Others can destroy the comfort of your home by making it difficult to store food and live normally. Common pests in Fishkill are termites, ants, and roaches.

What You Don’t See

You can have a termite infestation without knowing that they are present in your home. They may leave subtle signs of their presence, such as small dead bugs near windows after a swarm, but you may not notice those signs until a serious infestation has occurred. These small bugs enter your home through small cracks or crevices in search of food and water.

Termites are attracted to wooden structures with moist areas, and they colonize by the thousands or even millions. A sustained infestation can weaken the structure of your home to the point it becomes unsafe for living.

What You Don’t Want to See

Other bug infestations are impossible to miss. They often start with one or two bugs that you immediately discard, but there are more hiding in your cabinets, floors or walls. These bugs are looking for food and water just like termites, but they want you to share your food with them rather than enjoying the structure of your home.

Ants and roaches are attracted to food that you leave out on the counters or dirty dishes left in your sink. They can come into your home through the smallest cracks and crevices, so you may not realize that you have an infestation until thousands of bugs have moved in.

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