All County Pest Control prides itself on using the latest techniques and product that are available and recognized by industry leaders. All of our product are fully registered with the NYS EPA, and approved for use based on their label directions.

All County may use one or many of these products to treat you pest infestation. Every situation is different and depending on active peat problem and treatment site restrictions, we will chose the right product for that situation.

Current products and equipment that we use:

Talstar-P Insecticide

B & G Spray Can

Power Spray Rig

Talstar PL Granular


Drione Dust

Bulb Duster

Dust Stick

Syngenta Weather Blok Xt

Syngenta Talon-G

Belle Protecta Bait Station

Belle RTU Bait Station

Prescription Treatment PI

Prescription Treatment WF

Pro Control Fogger

Bait Gun

Maxforce Gel

Maxforce FC Gel

Maxforce Magnum

Maxforce FC Traps

Precore 2000


Talpirid Mole Bait

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