See below for the time of the year specific pests are likely to invade your home:

  • January/February: Mice, Rats, Tiny Ants, Spiders
  • March/April: Ants, Ticks, Wasps, Termite & Carpenter Ant Swarmers, Skunks, Moles
  • May/June: Carpenter Ants, Fleas, Ticks, Wasps, Carpenter Bees, Mosquitoes, Opossum
  • July/August: Millipedes, Centipedes, Ants, Yellow Jackets, Hornets, Wasps, Ladybugs, Flies
  • September/October: Yellow Jackets, Wasps, Spiders, Mice, Rats, Flies, Lady Bugs, Squirrels
  • November/December: Mice, Rats, Tiny Ants, Spiders, Meal Moths, Silver Fish, Raccoon

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Please read further information about green pest controlIPM, and the pest evaluation page for further information about the pests we exterminate.

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