Sometimes, pests are critters and animals. Your home and property can be invaded by the most unlikely things. That’s why a full service pest control company is essential when you live in areas where mice, mosquitos,deer and the like are prevalent. You save money and time when you hire professionals that can effectively take care of all of your needs.

Deer Deterrent in Portchester

If you live on a farm or a place where you have to pay attention to the growing time, you will have to use a Deer deterrent. Typically, you’ll have to spray every time it rains with some maintenance sprays in between. At All County Pest Control we address this issue and eliminate the constant need for maintenance. It’s egg based and low odor with a lasting effect for your peace of mind.

Mice Control in Portchester

Mice are cute, yet they can be destructive and not very sanitary. Mice are like rats yet have fewer diseases. They can breed fast and one becomes many. Keeping that in mind, once you see one or even droppings call us as soon as possible. The faster we can address the issue the better for you and damage control can be instituted early.

If you see chew marks in food in cupboards or on your counters this is a dangerous health hazard. Most people don’t know that where there are mice there are other pests due to what the mice leave behind. It’s all a chain reaction because you essentially have nature in your home doing what it does naturally. Mice control in a timely manner is essential for your health and home.

Mosquito Control for Portchester

Mosquitos are more than just a pest that bites and leaves welts.  They carry a plethora of pathogens that they potentially inject into your circulatory system. Not all can be found in the US, but those you can find are dangerous nevertheless. Chikungunya, Zika, ( which can attack the human reproductive system), and Dengue which is popular in Africa and an offshoot is found in the US. Mosquito Control is essential for keeping your family safe.

We will create a barrier that surrounds your yard for a long-lasting, safe, and effective mosquito control treatment. It’s an odorless, invisible wall of deterrent and extermination. That’s something that citronella candles and toxic bug spray won’t do at an effective or long-lasting level. We always suggest you use repellent on your body as an extra precaution in case one or two breaches the wall, but the only real protection is professional mosquito control.\

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