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Frequently Asked Questions

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product thumb4Q- Are the products you use safe for my children and pets?

A - Although State mandates don't allow us to use the word "safe", The main product that All County uses is TALSTAR - P,this is a synthetic pyrethroid with NO petroleum distillates, which means; no odor, won't harm grass or plants and doesn't stain. Talstar -P is considered mammal friendly and has one of the longest lasting residuals on the market. CLICK HERE to review the products we use.

Q - Do I have to leave my house when you treat?
A - Most treatments require you to stay off treated areas until product has dried. In most cases, this is a 1 -2 hour period. Since All County only treats problem areas on the interior, you are able to stay in untreated parts of your home.

Q - Do you offer a warranty?
A - Yes, our initial one-time service comes with a 5 week warranty from date of service. And our Home Protection Plan has unlimited treatments of active pest problems during the entire year.

Q- What is the best way to prevent pests in and around my home?
- Our Home Protection Plan is your best protection of your home.

Q - Do you offer free estimates?

- Yes we do, all of our office staff are fully trained and our years of experience allow us to be able to give price quotes right over the phone, no obligation.

Q - Are you licensed and insured?

- Absolutely. We are a fully licensed and registered business with the NYS DEC, as well as all of our service technicians.

Q - Is a large black ant a Carpenter Ant?
A - Most likely. In the New York region the Carpenter Ant is one of the largest and most prominent ant species.

Q - Do Carpenter Ants cause damage?
A - Yes, they have the ability to chew through wood, and in some cases can be worse than Termites.

Q - What is the difference between a Termite and a Carpenter Ant?
- There are many differences, the most obvious is ants have 3 body segments and termites only have 2 body parts.





Ask about our Home Protection Plan, this is the best protection we can provide to control pests in and around your home. Pests are a constant threat to your home environment and with on-going inspection, treatment and correction of conducive conditions, All County can provide a much better living environment for you and your family.

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